Divorce / Legal Separation / Custody Issues
A divorce legally ends a marriage. A divorce is called "dissolution" or "dissolution of marriage".

To get divorced, one person must file a document called a "petition or complaint".
The petition or complaint must be served on
the Defendant (your spouse). Your spouse
may file a 'response or answer". However, you and your spouse may still reach an agreement.

An "uncontested divorce" means that the parties agree on all issues as division of property and debts, and alimony, child
support and visitation if applicable.

In most cases no court appearance is required for divorces by agreement. If the divorce becomes contested, we can still prepare the documents to get a hearing, and we can refer you to an attorney if representation is needed.
Every settlement agreement or divorce decree must deal with:
1) alimony (spousal support)
2) property division, and, if there are children,
3) custody
4) visitation
5) child support
These five issues are usually resolved by the divorcing couple in order to obtain an uncontested divorce. If you and your spouse agree on everything and put it in writing, you have an uncontested divorce; there is literally no contest.
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